Southwire’s L.I.T. Program Recognizes Inaugural Graduating Class

May 31, 2019

To further demonstrate the commitment of developing its workforce, Southwire’s T.E.A.M. employee resource group, part of the company’s diversity and inclusivity initiative, FUSE, recognized seven graduates of the Leaders in Training (L.I.T.) Program on Tuesday night. This graduating class is the first group of future Southwire leaders to complete the program.

The graduates have been hard at work since January, where they have been learning vital leadership skills like effective communication and decision making. Through the L.I.T. Program, T.E.A.M. believes that these skills, combined with a culture of acceptance and inclusion of all people, allow the company to create a better, more productive work environment.

“Most career candidates and current employees seek companies in which they can be developed and grow within the organization,” said Charles Stewart, L.I.T. chairman and human resources manager at Southwire’s North campus facility. “L.I.T. provides a formal, structured training that helps Southwire fulfill that need.”

In addition to the support this program provides to Southwire employees, it also fulfills the vision of T.E.A.M. and Southwire to develop a diverse bench of talent, which is critical for sustained success. Each L.I.T. graduate received a certificate of completion and a L.I.T. pendant signifying their completion of the training program. Along with these tangible awards, graduates also came out of the program with finely tuned soft skills that are necessary for successful leaders in any organization.

“It was a privilege to be one of the few people selected for this class,” said Justin Moten, distribution lead and a graduate of this year’s class. “L.I.T. gave me confidence and confirmation to be recognized for qualities that I have always known I had.”

This quarter’s L.I.T. program was a pilot program held in west Georgia. Program coordinators are hoping that L.I.T. courses will be available to every Southwire location by the second quarter of 2020.

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