Introducing the SCR MAXFLO™ Application for iOS Devices

Oct 27, 2016

SCR Technologies has developed the SCR MAXFLO™ application for iOS devices to determine characteristics of pipe flow.  The user selects pipe and fluid variables from the SCR MAXFLO™ database, and the application quickly and efficiently calculates flow data.  The SCR MAXFLO™ application is extremely handy on the jobsite where a quick calculation may be required to change pipe size or determine pressure drop.  The SCR MAXFLO™ application also allows users to save data from their calculations for future use in custom projects or share the data with other SCR MAXFLO™ users.

The SCR MAXFLO™ application is easy to use.  The user first chooses between metric or imperial units.  The user then selects the pipe material, size, and fitting information from the database or adds new pipe material, size, and fitting information to the database.  After that, the user specifies the fluid (gas or liquid) flowing in the pipe along with other flow parameters.  The SCR MAXFLO™ application uses the information inputted from your iOS device to calculate the pressure drop, fluid velocity, Reynold’s number, and friction factor.