Impossible vs Possible: You Need To Check Out This Time-Saving Template

May 24, 2018

With the recent release of the Configurator Plus™ Web App, the Contractor Solutions team has developed an accompanying template that can also be used as a standalone tool. The Microsoft Excel template, similar to a feeder schedule, is a uniform document to build a bridge between contractors, distributors, and Southwire. It was developed by taking the most common elements of feeder schedules that the Project Construction Team came across as they worked with their contractor clients. By integrating these elements into the template, information is standardized and serves as a better reference tool.

"Once the template is filled out, it can be instantly uploaded to the Configurator Plus™ Web App with a click of a button," stated Laura Helms, a member of the Project Construction Team who assisted in the development of the template. "This helps to save time and eliminates potential mistakes caused by user error. 

When used with the Configurator Plus™ Web App, the template immediately helps to save time by uploading all information directly into the web app. This reduces keystrokes and manual entry, works to decrease errors, and keeps the entered data consistent from creation to submission. Because of how much the template streamlines the process, receiving quotes can become a faster and more accurate experience. What makes the template so special, however, is that it works without the web app. Due to its versatility, standardization, and ease-of-use, it can replace current systems that contractors use to develop their feeder schedules. To download it, please visit A Configurator Plus™ Web App login is required for access, but use of the web app is not mandatory.


  • Easily uploads into the Configurator Plus™ Web App.
  • Conveniently works as a standalone tool.
  • Can replace current process used by contractors to develop their feeder schedule.


  • Saves time by decreasing need for manual entry.
  • Keeps entered data uniform between the contractor, distributor, and Southwire.
  • By standardizing the information, requests for quotes will be received and distributed faster and more accurately.

For more information, please contact DJ Williams at For how-to videos, template download, or for more information about the Configurator Plus™ Web App, check out

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