Making the Impossible Possible: On the Job with Dustin Rogers

Apr 10, 2017

Dustin Rogers has grappled with the seemingly impossible and made it possible. Before he joined Southwire in 2013, he had his own electrical contracting business in Destin, Fl. From all of his hard work and experience, the testimonials he has received glow with appreciation and admiration. Dustin has honed his edge of being able to see where on the jobsite he can make a contractor's job easier, safer, and ahead of schedule.

In August of 2014, Dustin went out to help Rick Gorringe, a project foreman with Taylor Electric, who was working on a Smith's Marketplace Distribution Center owned by Kroger. In his testimonial, Rick wrote "I contacted the rep for Southwire (Dustin Rogers) and explained my situation regarding the Kroger National Account with Graybar Cincinnati. I only had two free deliveries per contract, and I needed to consolidate as much wire as possible on the first order." Dustin arrived onto the jobsite the next day and set to work on figuring out how he could make the most out of the project's constraints.


Rick continues, "Dustin and I went through my feeder schedule. I had all lengths and conductor sizes, both AL and CU. Dustin asked me where I wanted to start pulling wire. He had a program on his iPad called the Configurator. I gave Dustin all the info regarding each run, high voltage, low voltage, conductor size, etc." With all the information at hand, Dustin was able to provide a solution to Rick and his crew that made the job more productive and profitable by shaving off both processing and installation time.

If you have a testimonial you would like to share or you are interested in working with Dustin Rogers on your next jobsite, contact the team at They are excited to work with you.

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