Southwire Unveils the FMC-PCS Duo™ Fixture Whip Assembly

Aug 30, 2017

Southwire is pleased to announce the latest addition to our branch circuit selection, the FMC-PCS Duo™ Fixture Whip Assembly. This Flexible Metal Conduit Fixture Whip Assembly combines power and control/signal conductors into one assembly for a cost-effective solution for wiring LED lighting with 0-10 V dimming control. Both UL listed and NEC compliant, this six foot fixture whip assembly is constructed of 1/2 inch steel flexible metal conduit, THHN power conductors, and a 16/2 TFFN control/signal cable.

The construction of the FMC-PCS Duo™ Fixture Whip Assembly is simple and elegant. It is constructed with 1/2 inch steel flexible metal conduit with 14 AWG stranded THHN/THWN power conductors and a 16/2 tray cable with purple and gray TFFN conductors for dimming signal control. The assembly includes 8” exposed leads and lock-nut fittings on each end.  Each Whip Assembly is tagged and coiled for easy identification and handling.  Other constructions, fittings, configurations, and packaging options are available upon request.

FMC-PCS Duo™ Fixture Whip Assemblies offer time and material savings and are ideal for use with dimmable LED lighting. These Flexible Metal Conduit assemblies meet the requirements of NEC 725.136 for combining class 1 circuits with class 2 or 3 circuits and provide a flexible solution for jobs where traditional MC Cables are not allowed.

“When wiring methods require the use of rigid conduit and MC Cables are not allowed, FMC-PCS Duo™ Fixture Whip Assemblies offer a great solution for combining power and signal wiring from junction box to the fixture” stated Roy Jackson, the Director of MC Flex and Liquidtite, when asked about the versatility of this new product.

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