Five Sustainability Megatrends that Affect Southwire

Feb 21, 2017

In such a fast-paced and rapidly evolving world, even experts race to stay one step ahead. By analyzing recent changes and predicting long-term shifts or megatrends that will affect businesses, society and governments, leading organizations help us set course for the future.

These generalized forecasts of what the global society and economy should expect to see over the next half century can drive financial and regulatory changes, innovation and consumer behavior. Southwire considers sustainability trends in our strategic thinking and planning processes, as a supplement to the near-term changes we already identify.

As megatrends affect businesses, society and government alike, many organizations invest in developing accurate predictions. Private businesses and consultants around the world specialize in tracking and analyzing this valuable information. Trend One is such a business, based in Germany, with clients representing some of the biggest companies in Europe and the United States. Each year, Trend One releases their findings on annual mega-, macro-, and micro-sustainability trends.

Often, organizations defining megatrends revise their predictions annually, making the new year a good time to revisit progress and changes to their expectations. The World Economic Forum produces The Global Risks Report yearly, and it is now in its 12th edition.Sustainability MegatrendsSustainability Megatrends

Leading non-governmental organizations, like the United Nations (UN), reflect these megatrends. Using input from all sectors of society around the world, the UN announced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. In January 2017, more than 80 companies sent an open letter to the UK’s prime minister, urging the government to work with companies to deliver on the SDGs.

Our five sustainability tenets—Growing Green, Living Well, Giving Back, Doing Right and Building Worth—align with megatrends consistently identified as likely to shape the future of our company, employees and communities, with special emphasis on what matters most to Southwire and where we can make the greatest impact.

For the first part of this year, our regular sustainability blog articles will explore connections between the megatrends below and Southwire’s approach to each.

  1. Climate change and sustainability
  2. Health and well-being
  3. Increasing urbanization
  4. Declining trust in institutions
  5. Infrastructure and innovation

We look forward to introducing our 2021 Sustainability Goals in each of the next five blog articles.

For more information on Southwire's sustainability initiatives, visit our sustainability site!

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