VIDEO: EZ-QUICK™ Modular Assemblies: Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Feb 24, 2015

Introducing Southwire’s all new EZ-QUICK™ Modular Cable Assemblies. These modular cable assemblies can help eliminate the frustrations of traditional reels and coils while providing more efficient installs with less material handling. Recently, Southwire filmed a comparison of a traditional MC reel install versus the EZ-QUICK™ Modular Assemblies. The 12/2 MC install includes a total of three circuits, six connectors, and a total run length of twenty-six feet. The traditional MC reel install was completed in a total of 24 minutes and 17 seconds. It required an MC reel, a Maxis JAX™ Stand, a radial cutter, a stripper, a trash can, a diagonal cutter, a tool to punch boxes, and a ladder. However, the install utilizing Southwire’s EZ-QUICK™ Modular Cable Assemblies was completed in only 6 minutes and 17 seconds, an 18 minute difference! This install simply used the EZ-QUICK™ Modular Cable Assemblies, a ladder, and a tool to punch boxes.

The EZ-QUICK™ Modular Assemblies offers several featured benefits. With Southwire’s prefab modular assemblies, you’ll no longer have to cut the armor. This removes jagged and exposed armor from the jobsite and eliminates risks of damaging conductors while cutting and removing the armor, allowing added safety during an install. Another featured benefit is a quicker installation.  Prefab modular assemblies come with pre-stripped, ready to install copper conductors. The factory installed snap in fittings help get the job done faster and easier, and the simplified installation process removes the need to terminate. There is also no need for cable prep or measurement because the precut cable lengths remove the need for tedious cable preparation and measurement. Simply loop any extra material to accommodate your run length. At the end of the day, cleanup is a breeze. Simply clean up your tools, and get on with your day. Simplify your jobsite installs with Southwire’s EZ-QUICK™ Modular Cable Assemblies. Work Smarter, not harder.

- Sara Isbell