Excuses vs Solutions: Doug Gulley Won’t Let Your Savings Get Scrapped

May 31, 2017

Sometimes, the question of packaging can mean all the difference - especially when the answer results in major material savings on the jobsite. Doug Gulley, a Contractor Solutions professional, was presented with such a unique challenge in the pre-planning phase for a building being built in Florida.

The contractor wanted a lot of 12-2 MC to build out the room circuits, and he wanted the pulls done quickly and effectively. Not only did the packaging need to be something that increased productivity, but the contractor wanted to minimize as much scrap as possible to keep under budget. Because of how many feet of MC was needed to wire the room circuits, having to account for scrap on top of what was useable was not an option that the contractor was interested in pursuing.

Luckily, Doug Gulley had a solution for that. The SIMpull BARREL™ Cable Drum pays directly out of the package and its overall system increases productivity for branch circuit installations. As a bonus, the cable drum package holds longer lengths when compared to reels.

On top of material savings, there is an added benefit of labor savings. The design helps reduce potential lifting, handling, and pulling injuries by being able to easily pull directly from the cable drum. By using the SIMpull BARREL™ Handtruck, the wire can be carted and moved around much easier than a reel.

If you are headed into a pre-planning phase and would like to consult Contractor Solutions to see where they can find savings for you before the shovels hit the ground, please check out contractorsolutions.southwire.com. If you're past the step, contact them anyways! Regardless of the unique circumstances that jobsite faces, they will be able to provide you with solutions that save you time, effort, and money.

For more information about the SIMpull BARREL™ Cable Drum, please visit barrel.southwire.com.

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