Copper Theft: Do You Remember?

Nov 26, 2014

Copper theft is on the rise, and its prevalence is causing major damage across the country. The escalating number of incidents plastered in newspapers and broadcasted on television provides evidence that this unlawful fad continues to affect more and more areas.

Recently in Seattle, Washington, con artists attacked Seattle City Light. The perpetrators provided seemingly credible information to the company’s management, which convinced them to provide scrap wire for a made-up nonprofit organization that the perpetrators claimed helps Native American children make jewelry. Twenty tons of wire valued at $120,000 was taken from SCL.

Across the country in Newtown, Connecticut, several homes were targeted for their copper pipes. One particular new homeowner was unfortunately affected by this wave of copper theft. The day this particular Newtown homeowner closed on his new home, thieves broke into the house, stole pipes, and flooded the basement. Although the thieves were not able to steal much, they still managed to cause a great deal of damage to the property in addition to heartache for the new homeowner.

Still not convinced that we should be concerned?

Southwire fights the battle against copper thieves, too. Given Southwire’s firsthand experience with copper theft, the company has gone to great lengths to fight copper theft and protect itself from being a target in the future.

Needless to say, copper theft is a real problem across the country that we cannot afford to look past.

So, now we wonder: What makes copper theft so prevalent today?

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