Approximate vs Exact: The SIMpull™ Apps are Precision in your Pocket

Jun 16, 2017

Contractor Solutions is built on knowledgable and experienced specialists who can help you determine ways to keep your jobsite safer, profitable, and more productive. But what do they use to confirm that their assessments are accurate and comply with the latest rules, codes, and regulations? One of their most important tools that they turn to is on their mobile devices where Southwire's apps are a click away.

In keeping with Southwire's mission to develop innovations that help make all of your projects easier and more productive, Southwire offers a series of helpful apps that put the information you need right at your fingertips. There is a suite of apps which assist with calculations, installations, and configurations, but two are SIMpull Solutions® innovations.

The SIMpull® 600V Calculator, available on the iPhone and Android, provides multiple calculators within a single app that are connected by specific wire pull characteristics such as Voltage Drop, Ground Wire Sizing, Phase Wire Ampacity, Phase Wire Attributes, Sidewall Tension/ Pressure and Reel Sizing. It then generates individual NEC® compliant answers. Results can be easily emailed to yourself or somebody else. In his blog post, Abe Hammond talked about how he was able to convince an inspector that a pull was good by using this app. "Having the capability to deliver the information needed to the client's email box in the NEC format allowed him to provide several printed pages displaying proof that our installation methods would not exceed manufacturer specs and that our methods of install were 100% safe and efficient."

The SIMpull Solutions® Configurator, available only for iPad, allows users to load a wire feeder schedule following a step-by step-process that will build paralleled runs with SIMpull Head® pulling grips. Users can then stack like runs or different runs on a reel and see accurate weight and reel size dimensions. You can see it in action here.

Because Southwire continually strives to remain compliant with the latest regulations, we are updating our apps with the 2017 NEC code! The apps are also being updated with a new look, a preview of which is the feature image. Stay tuned to the Google Play Store and iTunes for the new look and edition of the Southwire apps. The updated SIMpull® 600V Calculator will be released by the end of summer 2017.

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