UWG, Southwire Partner to Elevate Sustainability Initiatives

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Aug 15, 2023

As seen on westga.edu, the following announcement highlights the University of West Georgia’s sustainability partnership with Southwire. 

The University of West Georgia and Southwire, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of wire and cable, have joined forces to advance sustainability efforts and promote the holistic development of their shared community.

By combining their expertise, resources and shared commitment to responsible practices, the two institutions are set to make a lasting impact on talent pipeline development, student recruitment, business operations and environmental sustainability. Leaders from UWG and Southwire recently met on the university’s campus to formally launch the partnership during the UWG and Southwire Sustainability Summit.

“This collaboration marks an important milestone for our institution and our community as we curate a first-choice university,” said Dr. Brendan Kelly, UWG’s president. “By forging this first-of-its-kind partnership with Southwire, we can amplify our impact on sustainability efforts beyond what we could achieve independently. Together, we will not only build a university town where learning thrives but also foster a culture of sustainability and responsible citizenship, shaping a better tomorrow for generations to come. I extend special gratitude to Burt Fealing, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Sustainability Officer at Southwire, for the commitment we share to these efforts.”

The summit was facilitated by Southwire Spark, the company’s design-centered innovation arm. During the summit, leaders from both UWG and Southwire collaborated in focused group discussions centered on topics like wellness, giving back to the community, ethics and compliance, information technology, environmental stewardship and more.


Both UWG and Southwire look forward to continuing the partnership and bringing to life the ideas discussed during this summer’s summit, with Fealing saying the company’s partnership with UWG aligns with Southwire’s core tenets.

“At Southwire, our core tenets are Growing Green, Living Well, Giving Back, Doing Right and Building Worth, and through these tenets, we can create more value for both of our organizations and enhance sustainability in our local community,” said Fealing. “Southwire’s strategy is to help drive sustainability through four lenses: local, state, national and global. Working with UWG is so important to our local lens, because together, we can better support the wellbeing of our communities and the environment in which we live.”

The partnership comes as a result of a shared vision to create a more sustainable and prosperous future, not only for UWG and Southwire, but for the entire region. The collaboration will focus on several key areas, including:

  • Talent Pipeline Development: Recognizing the importance of nurturing future leaders committed to sustainability, UWG and Southwire will work together to design specialized educational opportunities to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in sustainability-focused careers.
  • Student Recruitment: Southwire is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. The partnership will open doors for UWG graduates and students, creating internship and employment opportunities that align with their passion for sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Business Operations: By fostering a knowledge-sharing environment, the partnership seeks to optimize business processes and find ways to integrate sustainable practices into daily operations. UWG students will have the unique opportunity to work alongside Southwire's experts, gaining hands-on experience in implementing sustainable principles in a real-world setting.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Both UWG and Southwire recognize the pressing need for environmental stewardship. Through joint research projects, technology sharing and best practices, they aim to develop innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and conserve precious natural resources.

For more information about UWG, please visit www.westga.edu. For more Southwire news, visit www.southwire.com/newsroom.