Southwire Holds Annual Summer Enrichment Series


Throughout the month of August, Southwire’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) team hosted a Summer Enrichment Series, which provided helpful tools, virtual events and learning opportunities to employees focused on the company’s four key values: trust, empowerment, consistency and inclusion. 

Overall, approximately 500 employees from more than 40 Southwire locations participated in 20 internally and externally offered opportunities. 

To kick off the series, employees learned about the importance of trust and how to cultivate trust with their peers. Throughout the week, leaders highlighted integrity, intent, capability and results as the four foundational elements to develop. 

“Trust is necessary for empowerment, consistency and inclusion. It is foundational for leadership and being successful,” said Norman Adkins, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of Wire and Cable. “Trust motivates us.” 

During week two, speakers discussed empowerment and the impact it has on employee engagement, job satisfaction, self-awareness, creativity and self-determination. One speaker explained that empowerment is a culture that deliberately and intentionally developed – a shared attribute that creates power for others.

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 The third week of the series focused on consistency and why it is a key value for Southwire. For Fernando Esquivel, executive vice president of People & Culture, self-discipline, commitment and achievement are essential to establish consistency. 

"Achieving results with satisfaction requires consistency", said Esquivel. "The discipline required in relation to our decisions, processes and our actions is critical to honor our value of consistency at Southwire.” 

The final theme of the series, inclusion, taught employees how to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment. Leaders explained that inclusion leads to better ideas, decisions and strategies in the workplace, encouraging collaboration among employees. 

"We must ask ourselves what kind of culture we are cultivating,” said Karen Carter, a member of Southwire’s board of directors and Dow chief human resources officer and chief inclusion officer. “It is our responsibility to gain perspective, seek to understand, listen like we're wrong and align on what inclusion looks like."

To invest in the professional and personal development of as many employees as possible, the Summer Enrichment Series highlighted Southwire’s key values using a variety of methods including knowledge bursts and events, keynote speakers, fireside chats with company leaders, speed mentoring sessions, podcasts and external events. 

Rich Stinson, Southwire president and CEO, hopes the series offered employees a better understanding of the company’s commitment to DEI and how they benefit the organization. 

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to foster a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Stinson. “We want our employees to feel empowered, engaged and encouraged to be their authentic selves every day; and to be proud of the role we play in fortifying our communities.”

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