Southwire Joins Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

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Jul 24, 2023

Southwire is pleased to announce that it has joined the Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) System Alliance, a collection of industry-leading companies promoting the adoption of SPE technology applied into industrial markets. 

“The next generation of smart factories will require connectivity solutions that have a higher degree of performance and are easier to deploy,” said Tim Schmidt, director of factory automation at Southwire. “Manufacturing teams are looking to eliminate complex layers of configured protocols, which require multiple assets and expertise. They want a simpler physical infrastructure in their plant network, so it is dependable and works just like their IT assets.” 

SPE technology will usher in new advances in speed and miniaturization of industrial networks, allowing for faster adoption of ethernet-enabled devices at all levels of a manufacturing enterprise. With a standards-based approach, industrial SPE will allow access to more plant areas to collect data from industrial processes. This will drive operational efficiencies and streamline the plant-wide integration of assets into enterprise systems.  

“As members of this alliance, we are thrilled to be part of the mission to establish Single Pair Ethernet solutions in as many markets and applications as possible,” said Erika Shaughnessy, product manager of low voltage wire and cable at Southwire. “Our collaboration will allow us to be at the forefront of this adoption as we deliver wire and cable in this space.”  

As a SPE System Alliance member, Southwire continues its decades-long legacy of providing innovative wire products and services for industrial manufacturing with solutions that span power and control needs for multiple industries and applications.  

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