Southwire Recognizes AAPI, Mental Health and Military Appreciation Month

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Jun 8, 2022

In May, Southwire celebrated Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), Mental Health Awareness and Military Appreciation months by providing the company with resources and opportunities to learn more about each topic.  
For AAPI Month, Southwire recognized the contributions of the AAPI community and their achievements, culture and impact on history. The company introduced its employees to traditional east Asian paintings, sculptures and artifacts through a virtual Asian storytelling tour in partnership with Spectrum, Southwire’s employee resource group (ERG) that fosters a community of inclusivity, diversity and empowerment by valuing all people of color and cultural differences. Additionally, Spectrum encouraged employees to try new recipes weekly to learn more about the food culture of the Asia-Pacific region.  

“Now more than ever, it’s important that we honor AAPI heritage and celebrate the AAPI community at Southwire,” said Amy Hou, sustainability manager. “We strived to showcase a wide variety of cultures from across the Asia-Pacific region through the sharing of recipes and art for Southwire employees to learn from and engage in.”

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Southwire encouraged its employees to raise awareness for those living with mental or behavioral health issues. The company worked with an external partner to host a webinar on preventing burnout, and the Women’s Network, Southwire’s ERG that inspires employees to create an environment that embraces inclusivity with an emphasis on women, held a virtual workshop about building confidence, imposter syndrome and inspiring employees to believe in themselves.  
For Military Appreciation Month, Southwire recognized individuals in the military for their service and dedication. The company extended a special “thank you” to its veterans and current service members, visited veterans at a local nursing home, released an internal podcast about Memorial Day and the importance of military appreciation and hosted a photo campaign to honor and recognize those lost in the line of duty. Officium, Southwire’s ERG that provides opportunities to serve through veteran outreach and awareness events, also hosted a cookout at the company’s headquarters and invited all local veterans and facilities to attend. More than 170 employees signed up for the event, at which Officium hosted a raffle that raised nearly $2,000 that was donated directly to Wounded Warrior Project® in support of the organizations’ continued partnership.  

“As a society, it is common for us to go through each day without considering the sacrifices that were made to allow us to have the freedom to make choices and walk the paths we desire,” said Andrew Johnson, group controller for TCAS and Officium champion. “I hope that this month has encouraged others to reflect on this time of remembrance and instill an enduring mentality to always consider the efforts and sacrifices made by active military members and veterans.”  

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