Southwire Joins Georgia Power’s Renewable Supply Procurement Program


In support of its Carbon Zero goal, Southwire has signed a contract to participate in Georgia Power’s Customer Renewable Supply Procurement (CRSP) program.

In July 2020, Southwire announced its Carbon Zero goal to eliminate or offset 100% of the company’s Scope 1 – associated with fuel combustion – and Scope 2 – associated with electricity consumption – greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. 

“There is no single solution to achieve Carbon Zero; therefore, Southwire is utilizing a layered approach over a varying timeframe,” said Paul Sims, senior director of remediation and public affairs. “These ‘layers’ include energy use reduction, power purchase agreements (PPAs), owned renewable generation, procuring green power from utility providers and purchasing carbon offsets and RECs.” 

Georgia Power created the CRSP program to support the sustainability initiatives of their industrial and commercial customers. Under the CRSP program, Georgia Power will procure utility-scale renewable energy generation through PPAs and then retire the RECs on behalf of Southwire and other participating customers.  

“Participating in Georgia Power’s CRSP program is part of Southwire’s multi-tiered strategy to reach our Carbon Zero target,” noted Bo Quick, Southwire’s senior director of sustainability and environmental partnerships.  “We expect our participation to offset approximately six percent of our total carbon footprint.” 

More information about Southwire’s sustainability efforts and Carbon Zero strategy is available at