Southwire Celebrates Pros With Lowe's

Oct 28, 2019

In support of the Lowe's ProServices, Southwire was invited to their Pro Event to demonstrate the effectiveness, ease of use, and continual innovation of our tools. As one of the trailers setup in front of the Lowe's corporate office, employees and field merchant teams were given the opportunity to try out our products and experience how beneficial Southwire's products are for contractors.

“Our relationship with Lowe’s goes beyond our products in the aisles of the store," stated Dan Jones, Southwire's VP of Retail Sales. "It’s events like these that highlight our focus on making the life of the Pro easier. We highlight all our wire, tools, meters and component solutions that are supported by dedicated Southwire employees delivering the #1 Brand Preferred by Contractors. We share expertise, and sales support with the Lowe’s network of stores which offer convenient hours, dedicated loading, and delivery to site for the Pro customer”.

Lowe's ProServices is an answer to the need for contractor's to be able to make big supply orders quickly with added conveniences such as dedicated account management and free shipping. ProServices is also implementing custom catalogs, where Southwire's products could appear as solutions to a variety of jobsite demands. From contractor equipment to our new Romex™ BOX Jaw™ wire stripper, our products are what the pros use.

“It was great to have the opportunity to see Lowe’s commitment to the Pro first hand," affirmed Craig Womack, Southwire's Retail Sales Manager for Lowe's. "The enthusiasm from the corporate staff and field merchant team around Southwire’s innovative products and solutions solidifies Lowe’s decision to partner with Southwire. I look forward to the future opportunities that will develop from our interactions at the event.”

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