IMC Metals America, LLC Signs Contract for an SCR® Copper Rod System

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Aug 7, 2023

Southwire is pleased to announce the sale of an SCR® copper rod system to IMC Metals America LLC, located in Shelby, N.C.   

The contract calls for an SCR-4500 system, which is designed for a production rate of 35 metric tons per hour of 8mm rod. The project includes the design of all operating equipment from a skip cart furnace loader to a finished rod handling system. The system will include an 11 stand Morgan “No Twist®” rolling mill, furnished by Primetals Technologies.  

“We would like to welcome IMC into the SCR family and look forward to many years of successful collaboration,” said Mark Roden, vice president of SCR Technologies. “It is through our continued support and the SCR Technology Pool that this relationship will continue to grow for many years to come.” 

Southwire’s SCR technologies provides continuous rod system equipment and technology for the production of copper and aluminum rod. SCR aluminum rod systems range in capacity from 2.5 to 15 metric tons per hour of EC aluminum and alloyed aluminum rod. SCR copper systems range in size from 12 to 54 metric tons per hour of ETP copper rod, or other profiles such as flats. SCR shaft furnaces and furnace systems for rod, billet and anode casting are available with capacities ranging from 7 to 60 metric tons per hour. 

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