Kathleen Edge Participates as Keynote Speaker for The Wire Association International’s Industry 4.0 Conference


Nov 5, 2021

Kathleen Edge, Southwire executive vice president of Operations, recently participated as the keynote speaker in The Wire Association International’s (WAI) Virtual Industry 4.0 Conference, where she discussed the company’s vision for its wire and cable operations and the importance of being connected and flexible in the fourth industrial revolution. Jeff Dewberry, director of Connected Factory at Southwire, also presented during the event.

According to the WAI’s website, the new conference attracted more than 500 attendees, who gathered virtually for the opportunity to hear industry experts share their knowledge, strategies and tactics associated with the fourth industrial revolution and how to incorporate that technology into plant processes. For Edge, the revolution is a journey of digital transformation in terms of smart energy, buildings and cities and more.  

“We are all experiencing the digitalization of our manufacturing and distribution in our own companies,” said Edge. “We understand that it is going to make us more efficient, competitive and sustainable, while at the same time the products and services we make and ship are bringing power to the industrial revolution.” 

Tom Heberling, Southwire vice president of wire and cable manufacturing and WAI president, recognizes the importance of connectivity in the manufacturing industry, and he appreciates the company's continued investments in modernization and digital transformation that will propel Southwire forward. Heberling says that the conference highlighted this fast-moving phenomenon and informed leaders how the fourth industrial revolution can positively disrupt industry processes and businesses.

“With Kathleen Edge serving as the keynote, the program speakers were a global representation of the leading voices and innovators charting the future of manufacturing,” said Heberling. “Participants were given a special view of Southwire’s connected, flexible operating system and the foundation that is being constructed by a growing network of Industry 4.0 solution providers.”

To learn more about Southwire and how the company is continuing to innovate, visit www.southwire.com.