Further Optimize Your Next Job With Southwire'S Simpull™ Flange


Continuing its strong commitment to optimizing the job site experience, Southwire announces the launch of the SIMpull™ Flange, a transformational addition to the company’s suite of SIMpull Solutions® innovations.

The SIMpull Flange’s shaftless design safely* allows one person to turn a wooden reel (compatible with reels up to 34 inches and 2,000 pounds) into a time-saving, field-installable solution.  The product’s design removes the need to handle heavy jack stands, as each flange rotates independently and allows for free movement of loaded wooden reels. The SIMpull Flange is reusable in the field and can be installed on multiple reels throughout the job site.

“The versatility of the SIMpull Flange makes for a dynamic innovation to the electrical contractor,” said David Knerr, SIMpull product specialist. “The SIMpull Flange’s reusable application on multiple wooden reels adds value on the job site by reducing the material handling process, while aiding setup and take down of wire payoffs, making the SIMpull Flange a huge win for the contractor.”

The benefits of the SIMpull Flange can be even more enhanced when used in conjunction with supplementary SIMpull Solutions® products and services.  Southwire’s Contractor Solutions support team is available to help educate contractors on these products and further optimize the value the SIMpull Flange and the full suite of SIMpullSolutions can provide.

“The SIMpull Flange is the newest product to join the portfolio of Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions innovations. The flange is a huge benefit to the SIMpull Solutions contractor and strengthens the position of the electrical distributors who offer Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions products and services,” said Knerr. “With colored feeder wire, stacks, parallels, SIMpull Head® pulling grips, the SIMpull™ Reel and now the SIMpull Flange, we continue to develop innovations to support the diverse job site of today’s electrical contractor.”

Contact your SIMpull Reel distributor or visit simpullflange.southwire.com to learn more about how the SIMpull Flange can help optimize your next job site experience.

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