Southwire CEO Discusses Sustainable Wire and Cable Solutions

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Jan 6, 2022

Southwire President and CEO Rich Stinson recently engaged in an interview with Manufacturing Outlook to discuss Southwire, its background and how the company has been successful in providing sustainable wire and cable solutions.  

Additionally, the organization was highlighted as one of Manufacturing Outlook’s Top Wire and Cable Solution Providers for 2021, an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Wire and Cable solutions and transforming businesses.  

According to its website, Manufacturing Outlook is a print medium that showcases various enterprise solutions and discusses latest trends in the manufacturing industry with a focus on technology and solution providers. The below article was published in their magazine, where Southwire led as the front-page story, and on their website.

Southwire Company Upping the Power Game with Sustainable Wire and Cable Solutions

“It’s a very exciting time to be in the electrical industry,” begins Rich Stinson, president and CEO of Southwire Company, a leading manufacturer of residential, commercial, industrial, and utility wire and cable products, tools, components and assembled solutions. The global economy is witnessing a significant shift from gas and oil to electrification. Alongside, there is a growing demand for renewable energy, grid resilience, EV infrastructure, distributed energy, and more. “This is a great opportunity for manufacturing companies and their distributor partners to participate in the industry,” he adds. Established in 1950 by a young Georgia Tech graduate, Roy Richards, Sr., Southwire Company is a noteworthy example of entrepreneurial spirit and a triumph against all odds. Embarking on the journey with a dream to bring electricity to his grandmother’s home in 1937, Richards set up Southwire with three used machines and a workforce of 12 employees. Since its inception, the organization has positioned itself as a leader in technology and innovation and an emerging influence in the industrial electrical space.

At its core, Southwire leverages its vast partner network to assist clients in fulfilling their power needs. Put simply, the company helps transmission and distribution service providers meet the dynamic electricity specifications of their customers efficiently. From solving complex engineering challenges to preparing for rapid response during events such as storms and hurricanes, Southwire’s highly experienced support for the specialized needs of its clients. “We have our presence in sectors where there is no industry leader at this point in time. We aim to be the ‘market leader’ in all of those different domains—from data centers to factory automation to residential, and so on,” says Stinson. 

Explaining the pivotal role that Southwire plays in data centers, Stinson notes that the company is well-equipped to assist clients in every phase of building and operating a data center. This starts from aiding in lighting and temporary power in the early stages to providing the wires, tools, and equipment needed during construction. In addition, Southwire has a significant presence in the automotive industry as well. The company has forged strong partnerships with global manufacturers and offers solutions such as on-car harness wires, AC and DC charging cables, and EV special assembly products to the industry. 

With unparalleled expertise, experience, and commitment to discover, develop, and distribute strong and sustainable solutions, Southwire has supported numerous clients to thrive during periods of crisis. For instance, during the pandemic, several businesses experienced widespread supply chain issues. Faced with chronic logistics and labor challenges, suppliers were struggling to keep up with the demand of the electrical industry. “A low supply of goods and services directly implies an increased cost, leading to a heightened inflationary pressure. Through our services, we were able to help make our customers more productive at minimal cost,” informs Stinson. Always placing customers at the center, Southwire also works through retail, OEM, and wholesale electrical distribution channels to meet the evolving needs of end-customers. 

Moreover, a key part of Southwire’s uniqueness is its company culture, which is shaped by four core values: empowerment, consistency, trust, and inclusion. It helps the firm work toward best-in-class inclusivity and forward-thinking ways of running the business. “We have spent a lot of time on the culture aspect of our company, and I think it’s extremely important as our business progresses (with more than 7,200 people), so there is a consistent culture going forward,” asserts Stinson. “Our communities are extremely important to Southwire. During the pandemic, we focused on proactively giving back to our community. 

“Treading ahead, Southwire will continue to stay as a strong competitor and invest in research and development in their core markets such as data centers, EVs, mass transit, factory automation, and more. Furthermore, digital power and power over Ethernet are among the emerging markets they aim to tap into. The team is also working toward implementing and executing lean principles across their footprint. Southwire strives to be a sustainable company with a zero-carbon footprint in their operations and adopt sustainability efforts into its factories as well as products. 

In addition, diversification is another one of the company’s major ambitions. Beyond just delivering parts or components, Southwire will soon expand its traditionally product-oriented business to include services. “Our future roadmap is based on: being the very best in our field, diversifying our portfolio, and leveraging enterprise systems. We have a vision to grow the services piece of our business to 200 million dollars over the next couple of years and I think, for us, it is achievable,” states Stinson. In its extraordinary commitment to delivering products and services that drive efficiencies and sustainability in manufacturing, Southwire is poised to transform the manufacturing industry, as never before!