Southwire to Host Grand Opening of Carol Stream Facility


May 5, 2022

Southwire, one of North America’s leading wire and cable producers and an emerging influence in the electrical industry, is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new Carol Stream, Ill., facility on May 12 at 10 A.M. (CDT).  
The 88,000-square-foot facility in Carol Stream offers more manufacturing space than Southwire’s previous location in Franklin Park, Ill., which closed on February 28. All Franklin Park operations and employees have relocated to Carol Stream, and the company’s transition to this new facility will play a vital role in its ability to meet the needs of its customers.
In addition to providing an expanded product offering of electrical fittings, lighting products, and hand tools, the Carol Stream facility will also introduce a new delivery service. Customers who place qualifying orders within a 50-mile radius of the facility’s location will be eligible for free delivery to the location of their choice.  

“We are incredibly proud of this new facility and how it will expand our business, especially when it comes to our customer service capabilities,” said Brandon Moss, president of Tools, Components and Assembled Solutions (TCAS) at Southwire. “This expansion and the new delivery service it will bring is part of Southwire’s ongoing commitment to providing the best customer experience possible, putting more products in our expanding facility network so that our customers can get the products they need, when and where they need them.”

The grand opening will occur on Friday, May 12, from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. (CDT). At the event, attendees will receive exciting giveaways and a variety of perks and benefits. Refreshments will be provided. For more information about the event, including how to register, visit