Southwire Facility in Huntersville, NC Recognized for the Fifth Year with Air Compliance Excellence (ACE) Award

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Southwire’s facility in Huntersville, NC has again been recognized for its efforts in achieving compliance with their air quality permits by receiving the annual ACE award. This is the third year in a row the Huntersville facility has received the award and the fifth time overall. 

The Mecklenburg County Air Quality ACE awards began in 2014 to promote local industries’ efforts that comply with air quality permits within the county. To be eligible for the award, facilities have to meet all terms of their air quality permit for an entire year. This includes submitting reports, notifications, fee payments, emission testing and annual inspection with no violations of nuisance, dust or odor complaints of the site. By receiving this award, it showcases facilities’ efforts to reduce pollution and improve the local air quality.

Jamie McGrath, environmental, health and safety (EHS) manager said that this award was not achieved overnight. Rather, there are many elements that go into this effort on a daily basis to achieve the permitting requirements needed for the ACE award. This includes maintaining strict data on chemicals being used, SDS management, on-time management of reporting fees, working with inspectors either during on-site inspections or through assistance requests and ensuring there are no notices of violations of their permit. 

“In order to achieve this award, it takes a combination of everyone’s efforts at the plant to ensure we are doing things correctly,” said McGrath. “For instance, each year we get a random inspection where they check through everything we do very thoroughly. That means that each and every day we must make it a priority to achieve these permitting requirements.” 

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The dedication involved with this commitment aligns with Southwire’s focus on sustainability and the company’s priority to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders, while supporting the wellbeing of our communities and the environment in which we live. By awarding the Huntersville facility the ACE award, the local community is making a public acknowledgment to the plant’s awareness and commitment to improving the air quality in Mecklenburg County. 

“Our Huntersville facility is located in an industrial park that is adjacent to a neighborhood, which makes it that much more important for us to focus on what we are doing as a facility and how we are treating the environment,” said Chris McGill, Huntersville’s site leader. “It is important for the community, our environment and Southwire. Our organization is truly committed to being stewards of the earth and doing our part to make it a better place to call home.” 

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