LVLL/ULEC Landscape Lighting

SKU: 55213402
-20°C to +60°C, 150 Volts Rated, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting (LVLL)
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Outer Jacket / Armor Color


  • Outdoor Accent Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Sunlight Resistant
  • Direct Burial


imperial metric
Stock # 55213402 55213402
No. of Conductors 2 2
Size (AWG or kcmil) 12 AWG 12 AWG
No. of Strands 65 65
Nom. OD (mils) (mm) 357 9.07 mils mm
Nominal Total Weight (lbs/1000') (kgs/km) 67 99 lbs/1000' kgs/km

Standards & References

Meets or exceeds UL 1493 and c(UL) C22.2 35, CSA Class 5834-01

  • UL Undergroud Low-Energy Circuit Cable for Outdoor Lighting
  • Approved for Outdoor Use (Sunlight Resistant)
  • Suitable for Direct Burial Stranded Copper Conductor Black PVC Insulation/Jacket
  • RoHS Directive


  • Two fully annealed bare stranded copper conductors
  • Insulation/Jacket: Premium-grade PVC -20°C to +60°C
  • Color: Black is standard Available in white or brown, but subject to minimum order quantity


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