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SWIM is enhanced with the latest in EDI and Internet technology and can meet the need for vendor-managed inventory.  Southwire can customize a program to best meet your company’s individual needs.  The SWIM system automatically orders inventory based on mutually acceptable stocking plans that meet your targeted turn goals.  Your ship times are also scheduled to meet your specific lead-time expectations.  Additional variables, such as seasonality, demand shifts, and new products can also be accommodated for.  SWIM also handles those “hidden” man-hour cost areas such as analyzing, expediting, tracking and reconciliation.  The combination of these electronic components and Southwire’s replenishment system offers a mutually beneficial program for Southwire and you. 

Electronic Commerce from Southwire

Electronic commerce allows you to manage all facets of your business online – from ordering and invoicing to inventory management and bar coding.  Here are several ways e-commerce can help you lower costs:

Shorter Cycle Time:  Orders are processed immediately, therefore reducing the time lapse from ordering to processing.

Reduced Inventory Levels:
  The simple logic of electronic commerce systems allows for better planning and that reduces your inventory levels.

Decreased Clerical Errors:
  Clerical errors and associated costs are greatly reduced because the data moving between companies is limited to a one-time entry.

More Flexibility: 
Electronic commerce systems allow versatility in almost all business processes:  invoicing, payment advice, request for quote, response to RFQ, product activity/tracking data, advance ship notice, purchase order acknowledgement, and much more. 

Less Paper Work: 
Hard copies of business documents can be eliminated once you’ve transferred to an electronic ordering system.  With electronic commerce, business transactions and documents are easily accessible online.

Increased Productivity:
  Employees can now spend more time on other job responsibilities as ordering and inventory management has been simplified.

Qualify for Free Shipping:
  Meet minimums and qualify for free shipping with consolidated orders.