Home Depot Visits Carrollton 12 for Life® Facility

Mar 25, 2019

On March 21, representatives from Home Depot visited Southwire’s 12 for Life facility in Carrollton, Ga., where they got to see the process and spoke to students about the importance of high-quality products and how their hard work impacts Home Depot.

“The opportunity to bring members of the Home Depot leadership team onsite for a tour and conversation with our students is incredibly important,” said Cara Herzog, Southwire’s director of diversity and inclusion and workforce development. “Our team at 12 for Life is committed to helping these students achieve their goals and work toward a bright future. Understating why their work matters and how it contributes to the success of our partners like Home Depot is motivational and encouraging. These students work hard and contribute to our organization’s strategy and profitability.

12 for Life, a collaborative partnership that began in Carrollton, Ga., between Southwire and Carroll County Schools in 2007, provides classroom instruction, on-the-job training, key work/life skills, mentoring and employment opportunities. Through 12 for Life, students are motivated to stay in school while learning vital skills, earning wages and working with real products – including many products that can be found in Home Depot stores across the nation.

The group began by learning about 12 for Life’s story and taking a tour to see the process – witnessing the students’ hard work in action. Following the tour, Wes Neece, Home Depot’s vice president of merchandising, lighting and electrical, shared insight with students about their hard work and the importance of Southwire’s partnership and gave them an opportunity to ask questions.

“You guys are the last people to touch the product before it reaches our customers hands, so you are incredibly important.” said Neece. “Southwire is always trying to do the right thing, like Home Depot, Southwire is a good community steward, known not just for low cost and high quality but a good company philosophy.”

To learn more about Southwire’s commitment to making an impact through 12 for Life, visit southwire.com/sustainability. For more Southwire news, stay tuned to southwire.com/newsroom.