C7™ Wins Award for Composites Excellence and Innovation

Nov 24, 2014

Partnered with Southwire, Celanese Corporation has been awarded the Most Creative Composites Application Award for “Excellence in the Design Category” for Southwire’s C7™ Overhead Conductor. The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo presents this award to a product that showcases the composites’ use in a unique, new application or uses the composites’ attributes in a particularly imaginative, innovative, or artistic way. The product must replace traditional materials as well as have an innovative refinement of composite capabilities in ways that impact current market sectors. The C7™ Overhead Conductor adequately embodies these characteristics.

This high-voltage overhead conductor is designed for utilities that desire greater flexibility, reliability and ease of installation with its high-performance, carbon fiber strands which are applied as a structural core. C7™ uses Celanese Celstran® CFR-TPR composite technology, which is thermoplastic strands reinforced by continuous fiber. This technology involves an innovative combination of carbon fiber and a high temperature Fotron® polyphenylene sulfide matrix that is capped with a layer of high performance polyether ether ketone.  This fusion of materials works together to provide efficient and effective advantages compared to alternative High Temperature Low Sag technology and other conventional conductors.

For more information about the C7™ Overhead Conductor visit http://www.southwire.com/transmission/c7.htm.

- Sara Isbell