Southwire Awards Half a Million Dollars in Scholarships to Employees

Contributions signify a portion of the company’s $9 million investment back into the lives of employees.

Carrollton, Ga. – March 12, 2019: In March of 2018, Southwire announced the investment of more than $9 million back into the lives of employees through one-time employee bonuses, expanded parental leave and a strengthened commitment to education through the Bridge Scholarship Program, a one-time opportunity for eligible hourly employees seeking to further their education through a two-year degree, four-year degree or technical certification. One year later, 64 employees have been awarded the Bridge Scholarship.

“Building Organizational Capability is vital to maintaining our great culture and driving business results,” said Kelley Park, Executive Vice President of Human Resources. “We will continue to invest in and develop our workforce. Allowing our employees the chance to continue their education is just one example of that commitment.”

Southwire opened the Bridge Scholarship application for all eligible full-time, hourly employees in August. Three months later, nearly 200 employees had applied for the scholarship.

“It was important that we were able to spread the money allocated for this program as far as possible,” said Jeanne Buchanan, Senior Director of Employee Resources. “We were excited about the amount of interest we received. Some of our employees never had the opportunity to go to college or continue their education, so this scholarship is a way to make those dreams come true.”

The 64 recipients span across 10 states and include employees in Canada and Honduras. To many, receiving this scholarship is a chance to accomplish a long-time goal.

“Receiving this scholarship opens more doors for me,” said Taff Goodman, Southwire Electrician and Bridge Scholarship Recipient. “After high school, I didn’t have the chance to go to college. Southwire taking the financial burden of going back to school gave me the confidence to challenge myself. There is only so much I can do without a degree, so continuing my education will allow me to take my career to the next level and be valuable to the organization.”

Recipients will begin to enroll in the summer or fall semester of this year. For more information about Southwire’s continued commitment to bettering the lives of employees and creating a culture of trust and inclusion, follow Southwire Community on Facebook.

To learn more about Southwire’s efforts to give back in our local communities, visit Southwire Community on Facebook.

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