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EPR- All EPR Insulations Are Not Created Equal

When it comes to ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulation, not all formulations are alike. Combining our extensive engineering expertise, rigorous quality controls and contaminant-free, super-premium EPR compounds, Southwire EPR delivers superior flexibility, reliability and performance for utilities that prefer EPR insulation for medium voltage cables.

Southwire EPR Extends the Life of MV Primary UD Cables

Southwire EPR insulation is specially formulated to withstand harsh underground conduit environments. It is manufactured on Southwire’s state-of-the-art, true triple extrusion line which features a unique extruder arrangement, specifically for EPR, and class 10,000 clean room compound transfer station to ensure the highest quality available in the industry.

Together with expert technical support, including cable design, engineering and testing, Southwire’s EPR insulation exceeds industry performance requirements to deliver reliable, long-lasting performance.

Contact your Southwire representative today for more information on Southwire EPR insulation for MV Primary UD Cables.