Copper Theft: Let’s End It

Nov 26, 2014

As copper theft continues to spread like wildfire, more and more people are taking a stand by trying to find a solution. Security systems, video cameras, and various other methods have been implemented by utility companies in many areas but have not been 100% efficient.

The biggest problem most utility companies face is this: How do we prosecute someone with stolen copper if we can’t actually prove whose copper it is?

Southwire has risen above average monitoring solutions and established a new product of their own—Proof Positive® Copper. This new wire provides a physical indicator of ownership on the tinned center strand. In addition, an identification number can be found on the inner strand of the wire that is linked to an online database accessible 24/7. This allows the product to be traced back to its original owner.

The new wire product benefits law enforcement by allowing easier prosecution, recyclers by providing a better way to identify stolen wire and report it to authorities, and utility companies by steering away thieves.

Proof Positive® Copper proved to be successful after just three weeks of its release.

The purchase of copper is illegal if you know, or have reason to believe, that it has been stolen. To prevent copper theft, alert the local police station if you notice an unusual presence in or around substations. Do not tamper with utility sites or substations. Also, be sure to report any copper you think may have been stolen. Ending copper theft is not just a job for copper vending corporations, but also for the community. Take a stand against copper theft, and let’s end it together.

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- Whitney Agan