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Corporate Donations

It started with our founder, Roy Richards, Sr. His legacy is alive in the Richards College of Business at the University of West Georgia, the Roy Richards, Sr. Cancer Center, Richards Stadium at Central High School and countless other namesakes that bear out the family’s commitment to Carroll County.

In recent years, Southwire purchased, renovated and donated a new building for the Carroll County Soup Kitchen, which it previously housed on its corporate campus. The company also was a founding sponsor of Carroll Tomorrow, which works to bring industrial development to the county.

In 2007, Southwire’s corporate donations program empowered more than 250 organizations, including public schools and universities. Southwire assistance helped a myriad of groups – supporting men’s and women’s shelters, putting newspapers in classrooms, helping to build churches and libraries and buying equipment for little leagues and school bands.

While financial contributions help meet community needs, contributions of time and talent do something more. They build lasting relationships. Our not-purelymonetary contributions deliver power to the communities that have given so much to Southwire.