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Custom Armoring

Custom Armored Cables by Southwire
Built to your needs or applied to any cable you provide

At Southwire, we understand the many advantages of interlocked aluminum armor. The benefits range from mechanical protection to labor and time savings. And, let’s not forget about the ease of use - interlocked aluminum armor eliminates wire pulling and pipe bending, it’s very easy to strip and install, and it’s flexible, but stays in place when positioned.

So, whether you need our expertise to design a cable to your strictest specification or if you simply need our assistance to apply an interlocked aluminum armor onto a cable you provide us, we’re here to make it happen. Interlocked armor construction options include continuous interlocked aluminum armor and are available in color painted armor. Stock colors include orange, yellow, blue, green and red. Contact us to discuss additional color options and corresponding lead times. Overall jacket options include various colors in PVC for direct burial, PVC with tray rating, sunlight resistant, extreme temperatures and non-halogen/low smoke. Other jacket types are available upon request.  We also offer a wide range of cable cores from power cables and conductors to instrumentation cables to control and signal cables and more.