1015 18-16 Str Cu We

SKU: F182716209

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Outer Jacket / Armor Color


  • For use in internal wiring of electrical equipment in dry or damp locations
  • Applications include electric ranges, heating equipment and lighting fixtures


imperial metric
Stock # F182716209 F182716209
Size (AWG or kcmil) 18 AWG 18 AWG
No. of Strands 16 16
Nom. OD (mils) (mm) 106 2.69 mils mm
Nominal Total Weight (lbs/1000') (kgs/km) 9 14 lbs/1000' kgs/km

Standards & References

  • CSA Spec. C22.2, No. 127
  • UL Spec. AWM Style 1015, 1019, 1020, 1230, 1284, 1032, 1283, 1232, 1028
  • CSA LL90458
  • UL E30398
  • Meets material content restrictions of the RoHS-2 Directive


  • Available in all colors except clear and transparent
  • Solid or stranded conductor of soft bare, or tinned, or prefused copper
  • Thermoplastic insulation


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