Aluminum Conductor. Aluminum Alloy Reinforced. Bare.
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Used as bare overhead transmission cable and as primary and secondary distribution cable. A good strength-to-weight ratio makes ACAR applicable where both ampacity and strength are prime considerations in line design; for equal weight, ACAR offers higher strength and ampacity than ACSR.


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Conductor Ground Wire
No. of Conductors Size (AWG or kcmil) No. of Strands Insulation Thickness (mils) (mm) Size (AWG) No. of Strands Nom. OD (mils) (mm) Nominal Total Weight (lbs/1000') (kgs/km) Allowable Ampacitiy
621614 0 0 559.5 KCMIL 559.5 KCMIL 12 12 858 21.79 523 779
681874 1024.5 KCMIL 1024.5 KCMIL 24 24 1164 29.59 959 1426
248799 2493 KCMIL 2493 KCMIL 54 54 1820 46.24 2354 3503
193649 null null null null

Standards & References

Southwire's ACAR bare conductor meets or exceeds the following ASTM specifications:

  • B230 Aluminum 1350-H19 Wire for Electrical Purposes.
  • B398 Aluminum-Alloy 6201-T81 Wire for Electrical Purposes.
  • B524 Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductors, Aluminum-Alloy Reinforced (ACAR, 1350/6201).


Aluminum 1350-H19 wires, concentrically stranded about an aluminum-alloy 6201-T81 core. Although the alloy strands generally comprise the core of the conductor, in some constructions they are distributed in layers throughout the aluminum 1350-H19 strands.


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