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VR2 Innovation Release

Southwire Company
One Southwire Drive
Carrollton, GA 30119, USA
Telephone (770) 832-4242

Southwire Continues Legacy of Innovation
Latest patent-pending cable is the newest in a history of advancements

Carrollton, GA – (July 21, 2008) For Southwire, innovation is the key to forging history. In fact, leading with the best in technology and products is the centerpiece of Southwire’s vision, helping the Carrollton, Ga.-based company remain on the cutting-edge of the wire and cable industry.

They have a list of patents to prove it, too, with approximately 500 American and international patents—nearly 300 in the U.S. alone. Now, the company has turned its considerable attention to its latest product, VR2TM. As the newest CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamics)-tested, vibration
resistant cable, the uniquely designed VR2 promises to turn the industry on its ear with a simple premise: the easiest installation of any twisted-pair cable anywhere. Period.

With a unique patent-pending vibration-resistant design featuring a twist which changes with conductor size, VR2 cable offers easy installation and significantly less opportunity for bagging during installation. This cable is one of the best solutions for areas that are prone to ice galloping
and aeolian vibration.

In industries like energy, electricity and OEM, Southwire works closely with clients to understand their needs and solve their problems. “It’s that kind of thoughtful design that has led to some of the most advanced innovations in the field, something Southwire has consistently accomplished since Roy Richards founded the company in 1950. We are proud to have a history of collaborative customer relationships that feed our innovation,” says product development manager Stephen Spruell, who cites past successes that include SureSeal® UD cables and PowerGlide TM.

Spruell is proud to add VR2 to the roster. “VR2 is the easiest to install, vibration-resistant cable available,” he says. “There’s nothing else like it.” Indeed, Southwire developers spent severalyears researching and testing VR2 in the field with independent, third-party companies.


About Southwire
A technology leader for over 55 years, Southwire Company is the leading wire and cable producer in North America. Southwire manufactures utility cable products including overhead and underground transmission and distribution cable, building wire and cable, industrial power cable, copper and aluminum rod, and continuous-casting rod technology. For more information about Southwire products, services, and technical resources please visit http://www.southwire.com/.