/images/buttons/TDU_thumbnail.GIF/images/southwire_100x70.jpgSouthwire Unveils Complete Substation Wiring Solutiontd-updates-2012-southwire-unveils-complete-substation-wiring-solution.htmComplete offering makes Southwire your one source for the entire T&D network
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Southwire Unveils Complete Substation Wiring Solution

Complete offering makes Southwire your one source for the entire T&D network

If you're responsible for the design or maintenance of a power-delivery substation, you know how many different wiring products you need and the complexity of coordinating multiple suppliers. Now, Southwire offers single-vendor simplicity for all your substation wiring needs.

"Southwire is responding to requests from utility customers," says Michael Tribble, director of business development for Southwire's Energy Division. "We've expanded our product line so Southwire customers can have the benefits and convenience of one-stop shopping for complete power-delivery substation wiring. Some suppliers may provide parts of the substation wiring system, but Southwire is unique in providing all the needed conductors."

Utilities can easily integrate products from Southwire's comprehensive substation offering with existing transmission and distribution products. The integration can simplify substation life-cycle planning, procurement logistics, and inventory control.

Buyers have long relied on Southwire for many substation products. The expanded product line covers all substation wiring needs.

  • Grounding conductors using Southwire's innovative Proof Positive® Copper that provides ownership through traceability
  • Cut-to-length flexible aluminum jumpers connecting transmission lines to bus bars
  • Shielded and unshielded control cables
  • Switchboard wiring
  • Instrumentation wiring
  • Machine-tool wiring

Get Southwire T&D expertise on your substation project

This new substation offering leverages Southwire's established expertise in industrial power cable used in manufacturing environments by applying it for the benefit of utility customers. Engineers with substation projects also have access to the same level of technical expertise that Southwire provides for transmission and distribution projects. This expertise includes knowledge of industry standards and practices, support with appropriate specifications, and installation know-how.

Streamline your substation procurement process

Southwire can tailor delivery and managed-inventory programs to fit your substation needs, so you always have access to the products you need while minimizing your own inventory and warehouse costs. Combine substation products with other transmission and distribution products to reduce shipping costs and simplify substation procurement logistics.

"Southwire's investment in these additional capabilities for substation wiring also creates additional jobs in the industry," Tribble concludes. "Utilities can now get wiring and cable for their entire power-delivery system from a single partner: Southwire, the largest wire and cable manufacturer in North America."

For a complete substation wiring catalog, contact your Southwire sales representative or visit www.southwire.com/substation.htm.