/images/buttons/swirl_60.jpg/images/southwire_100x70.jpgExpanded Pole Ground Sizes, Same Proof Positive® Protectionexpanded-pole-ground-sizes-same-proof-positive-protection.htmSouthwire’s Proof Positive™ Copper with TraceID technology provides ownership traceability in theft-prone pole grounds.
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Expanded Pole Ground Sizes, Same Proof Positive® Protection

EMCs and utilities can now have the security of a new layer of copper theft protection. In response to widespread customer requests, Southwire is producing Proof Positive™ Copper in sizes for pole ground application.

“Unfortunately, pole-ground conductors are an easy theft target,” says Charles Holcombe, Southwire product development engineer. “Southwire is applying our theft-deterrent TraceID laser marking technology to solid copper conductors commonly used for these applications.”

Common sizes, convenient packaging available

Shipping in the fall of 2010, initial production of the Proof Positive Copper solid ground conductors will focus on sizes #2, #4, #6 and #8 AWG. Packaging options will include 25-pound (11.4 kg) and 50-pound (23 kg) spools. Larger capacity reel packaging will also be available.

The marked conductors use the same procedures as standard ground conductors, requiring no operational changes in installation, training or equipment.

TraceID technology provides proof of ownership

Southwire Proof Positive Copper uses TraceID laser technology to etch a unique serial number, including a footage marker, into the surface of the conductor’s center strand every 12 inches. A web-based tracking system provides the ownership data required to prosecute criminals.

Utilities, recyclers, and law enforcement agencies can access data in real-time, 24/7, to identify each foot of wire in seconds. The visual identification of a singled tinned strand provides an additional deterrent for thieves.

Proof Positive Copper ground conductors are expected to increase theft apprehension rates and reduce long-term replacement costs. “We took the time to understand the issue from several perspectives,” says Holcombe. “We wanted to make sure the product would deliver for our utility customers, but at the same time be easy for the recycler to recognize and provide the documentation needed for law enforcement to prosecute. The end product meets the needs of all three groups.”