/images/TDUpdate2.gif/images/southwire_100x70.jpgSouthwire Cables Keep Substations Under Control - 2003SWCblsKeepSubstationsUnderControlApr2003.htmElectrical substations and power generation facilities need specialized cables - and more common cables, too. Southwire supplies all of them.
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Southwire Cables Keep Substations Under Control - 2003

For specialized cables and standard wiring needs, substation and power generation engineers can call Southwire.

Electrical substations and power generation facilities need specialized cables - and more common cables, too. Southwire supplies all of them.

"We've put millions of dollars worth of cable into dozens of recent power plant and substation projects," says Doug Ramsey, Southwire's national sales director for power generation. "Southwire offers products that meet specialized power generation and substation needs, plus a complete line of wire and cable for plant operations and power feeders at up to 230kV."

Strong magnetic fields call for shielding

At high power levels, magnetic fields can be fierce. And induced currents in control cables can be troublesome. "In high-power substations, many engineers choose shielded control cables to minimize the possibility of induced noise causing control reliability problems," says Ramsey. "Southwire's shielded 600V control cables are ideal for those applications."

Southwire provides shielded 600V control cables with conductor sizes AWG 10, 12, and 14 in several configurations. Helical copper tape shielding gives good flexibility. Cross-linked polyethylene insulation is standard, and jacket options include CPE and PVC. For premium fire performance, jackets of Southwire's low-smoke, non-halogen SOLONON are also available.

Substation applications need specialized cables

"Substation engineers can turn to Southwire for technically specialized cables from thermocouple extensions to solid-dielectric 230kV underground conductors," Ramsey says. "For instance, our 2kV EPR-insulated power cable with SOLONON jacket handles power plant excitation applications where flexibility, fire resistance and low smoke generation are important."

Southwire's Master Service Centers stock many standard power and control cables for immediate shipment. And the Service Centers can deliver cable cut to length on reels, multiple cables paralleled on reels, and other specialty services.

One call covers substation and power generation cable needs

"Our dedicated power generation and substation sales group works closely with Southwire's Cofer Technology Center and field technical support, to help customers make the best choices for their applications," Ramsey says. "You only need one call for all your power generation and substation cable needs: Southwire."