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SIMpull® Cable Pull Calculator Ver. 5.13

Estimate and Manage Your Projects with the
SIMpull® Cable Pull Calculator

Southwire’s patent-pending SIMpull® Cable Pull Calculator(See right) is a convenient online tool to help you estimate and manage your cable installation projects. This handy calculator will allow you to determine both 600 Volt and Medium Voltage calculations and is color-coded for ease-of-use. Watch the Instructional Webinar for a tutorial of the calculator functions. To get started, simply click on the SIMpull® Cable Pull Calculator Tool link to the right, and enter your data into the purple shaded areas. Yellow shaded areas indicate the ability to alter data, if needed. Take warning if red appears; this indicates you have exceeded your tension or sidewall pressure.

Thanks to the SIMpull® Cable Pull Calculator, you need just one simple tool to calculate conduit size and fill percentage, pulling tensions, cable sidewall pressure, jam probability, voltage drop, ground wire sizing and so much more. Above all, it clearly demonstrates how the elements of SIMpull® Solutions benefit a job. It’s a fast, convenient and accurate way to plan your next pull. Start using Southwire’s SIMpull® Cable Pull Calculator and stop all the guessing!