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Southwire Copper Rod Systems

Southwire Company, LLC sells and manufactures the most technically advanced continuous rod system to produce electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper rod in the world. Southwire has been designing, operating and selling continuous copper rod mills since 1963. Southwire has continued the improvement and development of the system to increase product quality and decrease the operating costs. The Southwire Continuous Rod (SCR) process allows production of the highest quality copper wire rod at the lowest possible cost. Because of the ease of maintenance and operation, the Southwire system has higher availability than competing systems, which further lowers operating costs. Frequent system startups for new customers ensure that start-ups are well planned and minimize the required field services. Smooth startups get the customer's equipment into production quickly to meet market demand. Fifty percent (50%) of all copper rod made in the world is produced with Southwire SCR technology.

Within the total continuous system concept, Southwire Company, LLC designs and builds the shaft furnace, furnace loading system, launders for transferring the molten metal, variable-volume rotary holding furnace, wheel and belt casting machine and cast bar preparation machine. The rolling mill, shearing and coiling equipment are designed and built by Primetals Technologies of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. The Morgan No Twist® rolling mill stands are independently driven for flexibility to produce different rod diameters. The electrical control systems, supplied by a reputable electrical supplier, use modern and advanced digital controls. Southwire provides the design engineering to integrate all the machines and support systems for the chosen production rate. Also, Southwire Company, LLC provides the operational training and know-how based on the operation of its own SCR copper rod mill operated in Carrollton, Georgia, USA.

Southwire has sold more than 90 copper SCR Systems around the world.

Southwire SCR Systems feature:

  • Lowest operating costs
  • Superior product quality
  • Latest technology
  • Unmatched start-up reliability
  • Engineering services to match PURCHASER's requirements

The Southwire SCR® Continuous Rod system is an advanced process for the continuous production of copper rod. Southwire operates its own 48 metric tons per hour (tph) copper rod mill in Carrollton, GA, USA with an annual rod production of over 320,000 metric tons.

Achieving High productivity

For the production of Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper wire rod, SCR systems have high availability and productivity. This high productivity and availability are achieved with a combination of: ease of setup, long continuous runs, improved process control and automation, highest rod quality and heavy duty and reliable machinery.

Input Feed Materials

The SCR process is very flexible in the choice of input feed materials. The primary feed materials are electrolytic refined cathodes. The Southwire Shaft Furnace can accept full sheet cathodes produced conventionally, by the permanent blank process or SXEW (Solvent Extraction Electrowon) process. Additionally, the shaft furnace can directly accept high-quality copper scrap for melting. Up to 20% high quality scrap can be used. To produce rod for fine wire and magnet wire, Southwire recommends cathode meeting the quality of LME Grade A.

 Copper Rod Systems

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