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Southwire Reinvents Romex®

With Romex® SIMpull®

To simplify residential wiring installations and reduce labor costs, Southwire Company, North America's leading producer of building wire and utility cable, recently introduced ROMEX SIMpull - putting an end to the myth that "wire is just wire."

The culmination of extensive testing conducted through Southwire's D.B.Cofer Technology Center, SIMpull pulls 50 percent easier than any other NM cable currently available, without compromising performance.

The proof is in the jacket. SIMpull utilizes a unique patent-pending SIM (SlikqwikTM Infused Membrane) Jacket that makes it resistant to burn-through and improves performance of ROMEX when pulled over rafters, through studs or around corners.  This unique jacket design greatly reduces friction and substantially lowers the amount of force required to pull, in turn lessening the risk of physical fatigue on the installer and reducing damage to the wire.

Southwire conducted multiple installations with a Nashville-area electrical contractor in which participants wired three 3,000-square-foot homes with traditional NM cable and SIMpull. Contractors found SIMpull easier to use and noted a substantial reduction in installation time. SIMpull also was found to incur less damage during installation because of its SIM Jacket construction. In a matter of hours, specific wiring practices changed, resulting in fewer ladder climbs, longer pulls and less fatigue at the end of the day.