/images/product_buttons/MissingImage_button.gif/images/SW_SER-SEU01Brc2.jpgSER/SEUser-seu.htmSouthwire offers Type SER & SEU, service entrance cable, constructed with sunlight resistant Type XHHW-2 conductors or Type THWN conductors.
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Still Using SEU Cable with Concentric Neutrals?

Switch to SER with a bare neutral

In this economy, ever penny saved helps to keep your business healthy. While new products should be explored, they aren’t the only way to enhance productivity. Look at what you’re “used” to doing; look at everyday products like SEU cables.

With Type SEU cables you still need to take the time to un-twist the neutral wires before you can begin terminating the conductors. Then, you have to re-twist the neutrals back together for termination. You can eliminate these two steps by switching to Type SER cables. Southwire makes both types available, in copper and aluminum, but why not shorten your installation by using Type SER cables instead of Type SEU cables.

And, you can make your installation even easier by using Southwire’s Alumaflex® ,
8000 series triple e®  aluminum alloy SER cables, instead of copper, because it offers the extra flexibility that your installations need.