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Sales Sheet - Pulling Is Believing

Introducing ROMEX® SIMpull ™
...a truly revolutionary wire.
New ROMEX® SIMpull™ pulls 50% easier than conventional NM. Its patent pending SIM (Slikqwik™ Infused Membrane) Jacket™ saves you time, with half the effort.

ROMEX® SIMpull ™...50% easier to pull. 100% easier on you.

"New ROMEX® SIMpull ™ pulls a lot easier. It's almost self-installing. None of the other wire out there pulls this easy — and with no greasy residue."

Electrical Contractor/ROMEX ® SIMpull ™ Pull Test Participant Independent Pull Test, August 2004

SIMpull ™ beginnings
At Southwire, we’re committed to making things easier, both for our customers and those they serve. It’s a tradition dating back to our fi rst product more than 50 years ago. And our promise to you. That’s why when we asked you, “How do you improve NM?” We listened and found the answer to be quite SIMpull.™

ROMEX® SIMpull ™ is the culmination of extensive lab testing and field research conducted through our D.B. Cofer Technology Center. One of the world’s leading centers for wire and cable technology. In the beginning, our goal was to simply improve NM usage by making it easier to pull without increasing costs. Where we ended is a revolutionary new grade of NM. It pulls 50% easier, is tear resistant, has reduced burn-thru and strips easier. All without the need of greasy lubricants.