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Product of the Year

Romex® SIMpull® Competes Against 136 Entries and Wins!

Romex® SIMpull® continues to win rave reviews from the electrical industry

   Since its debut last fall, Romex® SIMpull™ NM cable has taken electrical contractors, distributors, and the trade press by storm, winning recognition from several magazines and praise from the professionals who install it. This month the honors reached a pinnacle when SIMpull won one of the highest honors available – Product of the Year recognition from EC&M (Electrical Construction and Maintenance) magazine.

It’s no surprise to us that Romex SIMpull is a smash hit with electricians and electrical contractors. Of course, the trade press who cover our industry pick up on this and actually use the end user and technical personnel to judge these products. Before we launched SIMpull last fall, we held focus groups with scores of electricians. One hundred percent of those who sampled SIMpull in blind tests told us they preferred it over traditional NM.  We’ve proven that SIMpull is more than 50 percent easier to pull through walls and floor joists, and around corners. It’s also easier to strip, has less tearing and less burn-thru. It’s another example of Southwire’s innovation, one of the key hallmarks of our company.

The tributes began almost instantly for SIMpull. After it debuted at the IEC Show and the National Electrical Contractor Association trade show in October, NECA’s panel of experts crowned SIMpull with the NECA Showstopper Award as one of the most exciting innovations exhibited at the Show. As part of the honor, SIMpull was featured in Electrical Contractor magazine.

Next, EC&M named SIMpull its product of the week in November. Following in quick succession, another key trade magazine, Electrical Wholesaling tapped SIMpull as its choice for Product of the Month in December. IEC Insights magazine also featured SIMpull in one of its issues. Then this month came the ultimate prize – the EC&M 2005 Product of the Year in the wire and cable category. SIMpull was chosen by a panel of 8 judges-electricians and engineers. SIMpull competed against 136 entries, a record number.


 There’s even more to the story. SIMpull is one of the behind-the-walls products that’s included in ABC TV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We’re not sure if SIMpull will be mentioned on air when the episode airs in March, but the electrical contractor, Wilkins Electric of Atlanta, told us his electricians gave SIMpull and its attributes high praise for  easier stripping and faster pulling making it possible for them to meet an impossible deadline.

It’s clear that through SIMpull, Southwire has proven that wire isn’t just wire anymore.