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Mentally and Physically Challenged

Historically, Southwire has assisted the mentally and physically challenged by working with outside groups that provide jobs for them. In several of our communities, such organizations have assembled the reels on which some of our products are shipped. Recently, some of Southwire’s leadership toured a recycling center operated by the Orange Grove Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Orange Grove is a private, non-profit organization, providing educational and employment opportunities to adults and children with intellectual disabilities. It offers a residential program and operates a medical center for its clients.

The recycling center employs more than a hundred developmentally disabled citizens, equipping them with skills they will need to seek employment in the community at large. Of course, recycling centers also help reduce waste and conserve resources. Southwire is now exploring how best to launch a similar facility in Carroll County.

Among the physically challenged, disabled veterans occupy a special place of honor. Each of us owes a huge debt of gratitude to those who paid a permanent price while serving our country. Southwire is making an extra effort to find jobs for disabled veterans.