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Environmental Policy and Principles

Environmental Policy

Southwire is committed to operating its facilities in compliance with all applicable local, State, and Federal environmental regulations, as well as implementing more stringent internal standards when necessary to protect our environment.
We are dedicated to a prevention strategy that reduces or eliminates pollution at the source.  We will work toward a goal of zero waste generation by:

  • Operating our facilities in compliance with applicable local, State and Federal environmental laws and regulations, as well as following more stringent internal standards, where necessary, to better protect our environment;
  • Following a pollution prevention strategy under which we will work toward minimizing waste and potential negative impact on our community; and
  • Ongoing improvement of our environment management system.

We will assign the full cost of waste management to the appropriate products and any waste generated will be managed in complete compliance with applicable regulations.

Environmental Principles

Southwire Company recognizes the universal need for care and protection of our natural resources.  To fulfill its corporate role in this area, Southwire sets forth and pledges to strictly abide by the following principles:

  • Compliance – Southwire Company will comply with all applicable local, State and Federal environmental regulations.
  • Personnel – The management of Southwire’s Environmental Policies and Programs is a Senior level responsibility, and the manager thereof will be qualified and expected to champion environmental causes in the company.  He/she will report to the Southwire President and Chief Executive Officer.
    The Southwire President and CEO will take a personal interest in environmental and safety matters, providing initiatives to promote safe, clean operations.
    Each Southwire facility will have an assigned on-site Environmental Coordinator (EC) responsible for day-to-day environmental management.  Each facility manager is responsible for ensuring environmental compliance at his or her facility.
  • Waste Minimization and Disposal – Southwire will monitor and change processes and/or raw materials, where feasible, to reduce the volume and toxicity of waste generated.  Wastes that are unavoidably generated will be disposed of by regulatory agency-approved methods.
  • Recycling – We will recycle and reuse waste materials to the greatest extent feasible.  Southwire endeavors to make conservation and recycling a way of life for the company.
  • Energy – Southwire will conserve energy through elimination of waste and increased end use efficiency.  We will maximize the energy efficiency of our existing operations and save energy to the greatest feasible extent.  In addition, Southwire commits to developing new systems with lower energy consumption, to upgrading existing systems with high efficiency technology, and substituting energy intensive inputs where feasible.
  • Communications – Southwire will insist on frank and open dialogue with the news media, regulatory agencies, our customers and suppliers, and the general public regarding environmental matters.  We will strive to foster constructive working relationships with government and non-government organizations.
  • Emergency Response – Southwire will constantly strive to anticipate and eliminate potential hazards.  In addition, we will implement contingency plans adequate to protect persons and the environment from accidental spills or chemical releases.
  • Training – Southwire will provide the necessary instruction to educate and motivate its employees to apply safe and environmentally sound work practices.
  • Health and Safety – Southwire will insist upon providing a safe work environment for our employees.  Where possible, we will implement measures to eliminate or minimize safety risks and, if necessary, provide our employees the appropriate safety equipment needed to protect them from work hazards.
  • Monitor and Improve – Southwire will diligently monitor all environmental management systems and search for ways to improve these systems wherever possible.

Signatory Requirements

A number of Federal and State environmental statutes and regulations establish report and document submittal requirements which include signatory and certification provisions.  Although the author of the reports and documents may be the Environmental Coordinator or other party, the facility manager is responsible for signing and certifying all applicable environmental permit applications, reports, and compliance plans, as required.

Corporate Environmental Management

The Corporate Environmental Management group is available to support and assist Environmental Coordinators as needed in all environmental areas.