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Solar Wire

    • CU-RHH or RHW or USE
      CU-RHH or RHW or USE
      • Underground Service Entrance Cable
      • 600 Volt
      • Copper conductors
      • Cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) insulation
      • High-heat, moisture, and sunlight resistant
      • Sizes 6 through 4/0 AWG also rated SIS
    • Photovoltaic Wire (PV)
      Photovoltaic Wire (PV)

      PV Wire is used in the solar industry for solar panel installation. The temperature rating is 90ºC wet or dry, –40ºC, sunlight resistant and complies with the RoHS Directive.

      • Bare or Tinned Stranded Copper Conductors
      • XLP Insulation
      • -40°C to +90°C
      • 600 Volts
    • Photovoltaic Wire (PV) 2000 Volt
      Photovoltaic Wire (PV) 2000 Volt
      • Stranded copper conductors
      • XLP insulation
      • UL Subject 4703
      • UL 44
      • Meets the requirement of UL 854 for TYPE USE-2
    • RWU90 Single Copper Conductor
      RWU90 Single Copper Conductor
      • Single Copper Conductor
      • CSA Spec. C22.2, No. 38-05
      • File Listing: LL90458