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CAMV Cuts Life-Cycle Costs

Bare-wire ACSR installations have long been the standard for medium-voltage (MV) distribution.
But long-term maintenance – both outage restoration and vegetation management – drives up
bare-wire life-cycle costs. Covered Aerial MV (CAMV) distribution systems from Southwire can
significantly reduce MV distribution life-cycle costs and deliver very favorable return on investment (ROI).

How much can CAMV save your company over bare-wire outages?
If you have 10 outages in 10 years on a bare-wire ACSR distribution circuit, and each outage costs $700, you’ve spent $7,000 to restore service. If you can eliminate those outages with CAMV, the savings begin immediately.

To estimate your 10-year corrective-maintenance savings with CAMV, plug in your actual numbers:

 Number of outages per circuit in 10 years            _________________(A) 
 Cost per outage x     _________________(B)
 Multiply A (x) B for outage savings with CAMV  _________________

How much can CAMV save your company of vegetation management?
Compared to bare-wire installations, CAMV allows much tighter tree-trimming clearances and less frequent trimming because the conductor covering prevents shorts and flashovers if a limb brushes a cable. More moderate trimming with CAMV can stretch out the whole vegetation management cycle. That can deliver significant savings.

For example, if CAMV lets you extend your trimming cycle by 50 percent, from 12 months to 18 months, you can reduce your trimming budget by one-third. If you spend $1 million every 12 months on vegetation management, that saves over $330,000 per year. Use your own numbers to calculate your savings:

In some cases, vegetation management savings may be even better. One 10-year study published by IEEE(1) showed a 79 percent reduction in vegetation management costs with CAMV compared to bare-wire ACSR.

 Annual vegetation management costs     _________________(A)
 Subtract 66 percent    _________________(B)
 Savings with CAMV (A – B)  _________________

Reduced maintenance drives ROI
The same 10-year study cited for vegetation management costs(1) listed total bare-wire ACSR per-pole maintenance costs at a very conservative $528 per pole over the 10-year study period. For CAMV, the study showed total maintenance costs of $88 per pole.

Applying those percentages to a recent comparative cost analysis of a typical 13-pole installation, CAMV’s lower maintenance costs pay off the installation cost differential in under five years(2).
Depending on your actual installation costs and maintenance conditions, CAMV systems can pay for
themselves even more rapidly while delivering greater reliability.

Southwire helps you cut total ownership costs CAMV systems can deliver cost-effective solutions that reduce total distribution life-cycle costs. You
can get complete CAMV solutions – including expert engineering advice – as a part of Southwire’s family of transmission and distribution products. To learn more about CAMV systems, contact your Southwire representative, or visit www.southwire.com/camv.

What Is A Covered Aerial MV System?
In a CAMV system, triangular spacers hold covered MV phase conductors about 12” apart. The spacers hang from a
high-strength steel messenger wire.

CAMV cable itself is an aluminum conductor protected by a layer of track-resistant polyethylene. The covering limits fault current and reduces outages from phase-to-ground or phase-to-phase contact, contact with tree branches, or animal contact.

(1) IEEE paper 0-7803-3522-8/96, Spacer Cable and ABC Distribution Lines; A Long-Term Analysis.
(2) Cost differential based on the following assumptions:
     • CAMV installation costs are 124 percent of bare-wire installation costs.
     • Bare-wire 10-year maintenance costs, including vegetation management, are 57 percent of bare-wire installation costs
     • CAMV 10-year maintenance costs, including vegetation management, are 7 percent of CAMV installation costs.