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SureSeal® - 50 Million Feet of Innovation Working for Utilities

SureSeal® is Southwire's innovative 600V utility cable that helps utilities improve reliability while saving money on underground service. Direct-buried SureSeal® puts service underground without using conduit. SureSeal® technology protects against the minor insulation damage that is the start of many buried cable problems. These cables contain a sticky insulating fluid that flows into insulation breaks and seals them.

Utilities using SureSeal® save many thousands of dollars a year, because they see fewer expensive emergency calls. Their customers see improved quality of service. The SureSeal® design is a patented Southwire exclusive. SureSeal® is another example of Southwire responding to customer needs for streamlined, cost-cutting installation methods that still preserve reliability.

SureSeal® reliability comes from the plant floor
SureSeal® is now available in sizes from #6 up to 500kcmil. And its' real-world reliability is a direct result of Southwire manufacturing know-how. Getting this highly engineered cable onto reels with the consistency it takes to ensure performance requires strong teamwork on the plant floor. Extruder operators, manufacturing engineers, quality management people and the whole Southwire team at the Carrollton Utility Plant build reliability into SureSeal®.

Southwire quality builds market acceptance
Inspection Manager Danny Henry's office is located right at the entrance to the Carrollton utility product plant. That's symbolic of the importance Southwire puts on the quality of the product customers receive. Henry comments, "With a product as innovative as SureSeal®, there were no industry standards. We did a lot of testing just to know what to look for and what to be concerned about."

"We've produced 50 million feet of SureSeal® since 2004," says Michael Tribble, underground protective products manager. "That's a big milestone of market acceptance for a new product. We're grateful to have earned our customers' trust in our innovation."