Inclusive Recruiting

Southwire is committed to establishing, strengthening, and maintaining partnerships with universities and various organizations to enhance educational experiences and career opportunities while embracing various cultures, perspectives, values and unique experiences.

2021 Inclusive Recruiting Highlights

University Relations

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Southwire’s AUCC Partnership

Southwire’s partnership with the AUCC focuses on offering experiential educational opportunities and scholarships to the students of the consortium’s dual degree engineering program. From supplying student internships and scholarships, to being a pipeline for opportunities to work at Southwire after graduation, students within the AUCC’s engineering program will have many opportunities to advance their careers in the electrical industry through this opportunity.

“I really applaud Southwire for recognizing that there are so many people of color who can contribute to these companies, and for reaching out to the AUCC to create that pipeline for these students,” said James. “It’s not about one group of people being able to offer the talent that you need, it’s about using the talent around you. By reaching out to our organization and making the first move in this partnership, Southwire is setting a standard for diversity and inclusion in education that I hope will encourage other corporations to do the same.”

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion News

Southwire Named Top Diversity Employer by

March 13, 2023

For the fourth consecutive year, Southwire has been recognized as a Top Diversity Employer by

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Southwire Recognizes Veterans Day, Native American Heritage Month, International Men’s Day and Thanksgiving

December 08, 2022

In November, Southwire recognized Veterans Day, Native American Heritage Month, International Men’s Day and Thanksgiving by hosting efforts across the company that provided opportunities to get more involved and celebrate together.

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Southwire Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month and LGBTQ+ History Month

November 03, 2022

In October, Southwire recognized Breast Cancer Awareness Month and LGBTQ+ history month by hosting efforts across the company that provided resources and opportunities to get involved and learn more about both topics.

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Southwire Partners with Nessel to Standardize Spaces for Nursing Moms

October 26, 2022

Southwire is pleased to announce a partnership with Nessel to standardize its dedicated spaces for nursing mothers across the company.

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Southwire Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

October 24, 2022

From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, Southwire recognized Hispanic Heritage Month by hosting various events, spotlighting employee stories and providing the company with helpful resources to gain awareness and education

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Southwire Employees Participate in Annual Summer Enrichment Series

September 13, 2022

Throughout August, Southwire hosted its annual Summer Enrichment Series to provide employees with helpful tools, research, practical skills, virtual events and learning opportunities that focused on the company’s core values.

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