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SIMpull THHN® Cable Project Testimonials

Federal Reserve Bank Kansas City, Mo
Broadway Electric, Kansas City, KS
John Setter, CEO Broadway Electric - 913-915-4051

251,000 lbs. Colors: Size 4 – 750
“I would highly recommend this wire over any wire we have pulled”

Southface Eco Office Atlanta GA
Dynalectric, Atlanta, GA
Aaron Hicks, Project Manager – 770-885-1252

“I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that your product is most impressive...As for myself I would like your cable to become a standard practice on all of my future projects and look forward to doing business together.”

Unilever Foods
Norman King Electric, Owensboro, KY
Michael King, Project Manager – 270-684-1886

“Took less people on the actual labor, usually we need a person on each reel, with this we didn’t need anyone on the reels, 4 hours not having to set the tugger, saved between 12 and 16 man hours on single pull (X2) 24 to 30 hours on a job (avg. savings on a labor rate of $25 per hour is. I’ve already done a couple more pulls with it; SIMpull THHN is my first choice when I need to pull THHN through conduit.”

“The more contractors use this the more will adapt, no lube was nice, the biggest benefit to us was being able to pull the conductors individually by hand to get the extra length that we needed, without spending the time to reposition the tugger.” “

I can tell the difference between this wire and regular THHN just by touching it. I don’t ever want to use any thing else.”

Secure Medical - Riverside Office Plaza, Tempe, AZ
Wang Electric, Phoenix, AZ 602-324-5350
Eli Locano
Wang Electric make a pull of #4/0 4/c with a #2 green ground. The first pull was right at 200' with 4 90's. They were 3/4's of the way through when they experienced a problem with their conduit. They had to pull the existing phases back out and re-pull from the opposite end of the conduit. They were able to do this with out any problems or damage to the conductors. The icing on the cake was they were able to pull the wire out by hand. By the time they had the tugger disassembled the wire was already back out of the conduit. The changes were made and the pull was then made with out complications.